Site authors and contributors

Catherine ParkerCatherine Parker (12)

Catherine grew up in a small village in Peru where she taught goats how to scuba dive. After being deported for excessive wicker basket weaving she travelled north to Mexico where she fashioned a raft from the dreams and tears of missionaries and sailed to Knowle. Once the good people of Knowle Hockey fed and clothed her, she joined them and repaid their kindness by becoming a captain and keeper.

Sarah McCombeSarah McCombe (1)

Sarah isn’t actually human having been formed from a magical portal of focused energy and light once opened when Jean-Claude Van Damme pondered the meaning of chocolate covered digestives. On the spectrum of magic and the supernatural she falls within the classification of fairies, fairy godmothers and white witches. Today she plays hockey whilst waiting to be assigned her first foolish princess to guide and save.

Rachel WilliamsRachel Williams (4)

Knowle committee member and spectacular defender. Superpowers include X-ray vision and levitation.

Ally HorneAlly Horne (4)

As defender Ally has an amazing talent for leading from the back! She is well suited to the position as she is annoyingly difficult to get past. She knows just what to say to pick you up and motivate you when you need it, but when you're being an idiot and need to be pulled into line she can communicate this with a glare from across the pitch in several different languages.

Julia BarnesJulia Barnes (1)

Despite lengthy investigations by Scotland Yard, the FBI, Interpol and the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, Julia was never conclusively linked to a series of high profile international crimes. UK tabloids suggested Julia was the leader of a sophisticated criminal network. In a rare interview Julia said "I'm not admitting anything naughty, but if I did run a criminal operation of a scale to rival some counties, it would have only been because I was bored and hadn't discovered tennis or hockey at that point".

Joanne WheelerJoanne Wheeler (2)

Jo is a fun creative individual who helps take photos and supply the home made cakes curtesy of her Mum's baking skills.

Johanne VerrallJohanne Verrall (14)

Johanne (aka Jo Jo) is a defender for Knowle Hockey since 2014. She is relatively new to hockey having only played a couple of seasons for another club prior to joining Knowle. She is the holder of the prestigious title "Worlds Best Lasagne" and her superpower is falling asleep during movies.

Bryony RuscoeBryony Ruscoe (2)

When TV makers were looking for an action hero to front a new show they needed someone who was capable of anything from rock climbing to fire lighting, kayaking to desert navigation and from knitting to hacking the head off an attacking predator and serving it 5 ways to guests. Although initially impressed by her skills, Bryony sadly came second to Bear Grills, but happily this afforded her more time for Knowle Hockey.

Grace EvansGrace Evans (2)

Grace is the inspiration behind one of Disney's most famous animated characters from the blockbuster film Frozen. She enjoys making public appearances as a lookalike and being interviewed about her collaboration on the movie as well as giving singing performances belting out tunes from the show. With her tall, slender figure, long brown hair she was a natural model for Olaf the singing snowman.

Liz FoxLiz Fox (1)

Lady Elizabeth Battenburger rose to prominence when she was hotly tipped to be a maid of honour at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It is believed that narrowly missing out on this honour lead to the highly competitive nature in the young aristocrat which is still evident today. Through her 20’s and 30’s Lady Elizabeth focused on her Vegas show career as a trapeze artist. She left show business to marry, start a family, plays hockey and now says “Call me Liz”.

Claire CousinsClaire Cousins (3)

I have been a member of Knowle Hockey club for about 10 years now. It's great to be part of such a fantastic club and I very much enjoy playing hockey every week with such lovely people.

Kate MacDougallKate MacDougall (1)

Kate was an original member of boy band sensation Blue, but the management company quickly realised they weren't a boy band if they had a girl in the lineup. Kate was quickly dropped giving Duncan his big break.
What was inane pop musics loss turned out to be hockey's gain. With her lightning pace chasing every loose ball the great Usain Bolt famously said of Kate, "Any fool can run fast with a baton, but only Kate can move that quickly with a hockey stick".

Ceri CarterCeri Carter (3)

Ceri is an influential figure and spends her spare time mingling with celebrities who often seek her advice. Lord Sugar always asks Ceri's opinion before a firing, Craig Revel Horwood doesn't award a 10 without her nod, Simon Cowell won't make a signing until Ceri has heard the raw recordings and Stephen Hawking gets her to double check the facts and calculations in his new publications.

Sue SquireSue Squire (1)

Sue has been a skilled hockey player for a number of years since the passing of actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Sue said in an interview with Hello magazine "I couldn't pick up the nun-chucks again or deliver a spinning high kick to the head without Sensai there to give his approval, so I found a new calling, the call of the hockey stick".

Fran MasonFran Mason (2)

Fran is a cyborg has always loved hockey since picking it up in the 24th century. After celebrating her 400th birthday Fran travelled back in time to experience the game when it was still played on astroturf and with sticks.

Emma ReidEmma Reid (4)

Emma started playing hockey at the tender age of 32. She loves nothing more than scaring the opposition by running at them with a mad smile and bouncing around the pitch like Tigger. Her favourite thing in the world is bouncy castles and Knowle teas (especially the cake)!

Zoe HillZoe Hill (2)

Former SAS officer Zoe has recently joined Knowle Hockey after serving a long mission, deep undercover at Puckle. Whilst she doesn't like to discuss her role in the special forces, leaked government documentation courtesy of Snowden and Assange show that she had some hairy times on operations, especially in war torn Chipping Sodbury and during the Battle of Bath.

Old habits die hard and suggestions of her military background is evident when you see how her hockey bag is packed, kit and accessories for all occasions.

On joining Knowle Zoe said "Undercover work is exciting, but nothing beats going into battle wearing green fatigues".

Lucy BartlettLucy Bartlett (2)

Lucy loves crochet, flower arranging and the occasional glass of sherry. Having been raised in a convent she is one of Knowle's quieter and more delicate players, although she is nifty with the stick.

Chris VerrallChris Verrall (16)

Chris is dashingly handsome and one of Knowle's umpires, website authors and heavier consumers of their delicious teas.

Holly CromptonHolly Crompton (1)

Holly isn't actually a hockey player but a ninja. A master at blending in and remaining unseen she uses speed, stealth and cunning to fool all around her. Spy, assassin or goal scorer, no one knows her true purpose, the mark of a true ninja.